Monday, October 12, 2009

THIS IS AN EMPIRE for iPhones and THIS IS AN EMPIRE have teamed up for a contest giving away an iPhone each week. The contest has been announced on's site over the past few weeks. The band has been advertising the contest as well through their Twitter and MySpace. The contest rules are as follows:

1) Go to and follow THISISANEMPIRE for exclusive band updates and news.

2) One new follower each week will be randomly selected to receive an
iPhone loaded with music from This Is An Empire!

3) a winner announced every wednesday at 9PM EST starting Wednesday October 7, through October 21st when This Is An Empire releases their debut single, "The Whole Story" to iTunes.

This contest is a great marketing strategy for THIS IS AN EMPIRE. First of all, people enter the contest simply by following the band on twitter. This increases their following. The community is highly populated and even those who have never heard of this band before will have the urge to follow them simply because of the terms: an iPhone. Also, the winners of the contest who win an iPhone receive free music from THIS IS AN EMPIRE pre-loaded on their phone. And finally, the contest serves as a marketing campaign leading up to the release of their debut single on iTunes, "The Whole Story."

Contests like this are a great way to increase buzz around a band, increase followers on social networking sites, and/or market a release.

~Laurel Zevitz


  1. I think this is a great marketing strategy obviously because, as you said, people will follow this band just to get an iphone. I'm just curious as to why absolute punk and iphone went with This is an Empire for the contest. Not knocking the band but I feel they would all gain from choosing a little bit bigger of a band. However, I do think that it's awesome that even regarding that fact they are going with This is an Empire.

  2. i can see how people may wonder why they picked this band, but i think their level of awareness is the reason.

    i dont think apple/iphone is affiliated with this contest other than the fact that it is the prize for winners. i think either the band or absolutepunk, or the management behind the band, were either given free iphones or purchased them for the contest to give away.

    to use this contest with a band that already has a solid following wouldnt be as significant to a band of this level. The purpose of the contest is to take them to another level, but i can see your perspective.


  3. I agree with what has been said above already, this is a sure way to increase their following on Twitter. I thought the same thing as Trevor as well, about the band choice. But it does make sense in what you say Laurel, that it will have more of an effect for them. Established bands can just make a Twitter or Myspace page and obtain thousands of fans within the first day anyway. They may pick up a few actual fans this way too.

    - Derek Jenkins