Saturday, October 31, 2009

Foo Fighters Facebook Live Performance

Foo Fighters recently streamed a live studio performance over Facebook. The concert was only viewable by Facebook members. Of course, now it is available to view all over the internet, as some people recorded it.
I think this is an interesting marketing plan. Recently there have been a lot of free concerts and digital downloads being offered by artists. U2 recently streamed one of their performances, NIN and Jane's Addiction had the free download of NIN|Ja as well. In the NIN|Ja case, I believe that you had to give out your email address in order to obtain a link to the download. This gave them an opportunity to add people to their mailing lists, I'm sure they got a lot of people to do that as well.
By giving the fans something for free once in awhile, it makes them crave more. Eventually, one would hope that this would lead to a purchase, or the attending of a live concert. You cannot pirate the feel of a live concert at least. There is also the strange, naturally occurring phenomenon of people paying $20.00 for a T-Shirt at these events as well!
There was not much information available at the time of this posting as to how this performance came about. The only information I have obtained to so far is that Foo Fighters and their reps approached Facebook first. I am unsure if there were additional parties involved or if there was any sort of product placement during the performance. I will update or post again if I do find more information. From what has been said so far, this was mainly meant to be a "thank you" message to the fans. It was a way that the band could give back for the continued support of their fan base.

- Derek Jenkins

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