Monday, October 5, 2009

An Entire Catalog For Free!

Mojo Nixon will release a new album of unreleased songs on October 7th. He has decided to take a page out of Radiohead's book and release the album for free, but he will be taking it a few extra steps. He will also offer his entire back catalog for free. This deal will be going on only for three weeks and will be done exclusively through Amazon.
I cannot find the exact terms of the agreement with Amazon. I do not know if Mojo is receiving anything for this. I'm all for an artist making a dramatic move to get themselves noticed but offering an entire catalog for free seems a bit absurd to me. It could be that he is "retired" from music now and no longer depends on music sales for income. I see this most likely being an isolated incident and not too many artists will follow in Mojo's footsteps.
The article can be found here:
Steve Smith

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