Monday, October 26, 2009

Little Wayne Cops Plea Deal

Over two years ago, rapper Lil Wayne was arrested in New York on a gun possession charge. This past Thursday, October 22, he pleaded guilty to the charge. He will receive a one year sentence a one year sentence, and likely serve 8-10 months. The gun laws in New York are particularly strict, which is why the sentence is so harsh.

Wayne joins fellow rapper, T.I., who is also spending a year in prison for gun charges. And if Wayne follows T.I.'s example, he can make jail one hell of a good P.R. campaign. T.I.'s pre-jail record, Paper Trail, scored the rapper two #1 singles, and he even has a movie coming out while he's incarcerated.

With Wayne's reputation as a prolific artist, I don't doubt that he will be releasing a wealth of new material leading up to, and during the time that he's away. Brian 'Baby' and Ronald 'Slim' Williams, CEOs of Cash Money Records, said that they would stand behind their artist and longtime friend.

The sentencing will take place in February

Alex Katz

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