Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Join Mailing List for a FREE song

Folk band The Low Anthem is giving away their cover of Bob Dylan's "Diginity" for those who sign up for their mailing list. This is a great way for the band to increase their subscribers and pay their already established [and potential] fans with free music. The song choice is also suitable for their market, as Bob Dylan is also a folk artist.

This is another example of giving away free music to benefit a band/artist, label, company, etc. It is a double win situation for both the fans and the business. Fans get free music out of the deal, and in return, the business receives their information to send out news regularly pertaining to their band(s)/artist(s).

The Band wrote:

"Dear friends, dear web surfers, if you would like to be on the cutting edge, and I mean reallyplugged in to the what's hip hopping in the now, join our mailing list. It costs nothing, it doesn't pester you unreasonably, and it's generally a bastian of witicism and rock solid, trustworthy information. We've worked hard to earn your trust over the years. That's why our mailing list has earned rave four star reviews from major publications such as "Horse and Hound" and "Modern Tubist." TheSchmaltzWithinYou.com calls our web-blasts "sincere and informative." And heres the deal breaker. When you sign up now, you will receive freely our cover of Bob Dylan's "Dignity," which we recorded at Studio Le Roy in Amsterdam, NL. All that value! What are you waiting for?"

~Laurel Zevitz


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  1. This is absolutely ingenious. It's not that it hasn't been done before, but I love the wording they use to address their fan base. They sort of talk in a playful tone, and I think it makes light of the massive marketing campaign they are attempting to embark on, which puts the fans at ease.

    -Woody Ellis