Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Live nation and 2 for 1 tickets

Live nation has recently decided that for a week they we're going to offer 2 for 1 tickets to all the shows offered by the venues they own which include House of Blues and the Filmore chains. Customers reacted so well to this that Live Nation has decided to extend this promotion for one more week. Ticket sales have increased by 300 % and fans in total saved $350,000. Some of the artists included in this deal were Saosin, Buddy Guy, Trey Songz, Rusted Root, and more. The offer goes for more than 450 shows and includes 250,000 tickets. I think this is a great idea by Live Nation. I know they already have some what of a negative image by some people for buying out venues and over charging tickets, but this is a great way to build some brand loyalty to those that attend their venues. Concerts are a great place too to offer 2 for 1 tickets considering that most people go to concerts with a group of people, and what a great way to convince people to come by telling them their ticket is half off. I know I would go to a couple more shows a year if the ticket prices were 50% cheaper. However, I think its smart as well to only do this every once and a while. It will keep customers checking back for specials on their website, then maybe while they're there they will see an artist the like that they didn't know was coming and decide to go to the show. Its also smart to not do this year round otherwise you're just going to make patrons feel that shows should be normally priced that low. I think this was a great idea and its something that Live nation should continue to toy around with.
-Trevor Kay

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