Saturday, October 24, 2009

Four Track for iPhone

Four Track is a mulitrack audio recording app for Apple's iPhone. According to the developer's website, it can record audio that is on par with CD quality sound. Interestingly, a band called "The 88" from Los Angeles recorded a song with this application. There is a link to a video of the making of this song on the developer's site for those whom may be interested. I highly recommend giving it a watch. It is brief, but it gives you a decent idea as to how the app works. Another feature that this application has is the ability to send tracks via Wi-Fi to any computer with a browser. This will allow the person(s) using the app to mix the tracks down or continue working on them with their own computer software. It also includes some standard features such as: a metronome, pan controls, a compressor, and other features.
This is an interesting technology in my opinion. I have yet to mess with it, since I have been a Logic user for many years, I do not see myself even touching anything else. Might be worth messing around with at least, I suppose. For a musician on a budget, it may be a useful thing. But, if you can afford an iPhone, then why can you not afford some decent recording equipment and software? Either way, it is a neat little tool that I thought was worth mentioning. This is just one of the many products that gives you an idea as to how fast this industry (and the way it is marketed) changes. One can only imagine what may be in the works ten years from now.

- Derek Jenkins

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  1. I actually heard about this the other day and found it to be pretty interesting. I'm curious as to the quality and can't really see anyone making a serious recording using it, however, it could be a good way to just get an idea recorded for future reference. But then again I just saw some rap video filmed completely by an iPhone and couldn't tell the difference between that and a video shot normally. So if this technology isn't going to be relevant now, I'm sure it will be soon.
    -trevor kay