Monday, October 19, 2009

Blink 182 On Vinyl

There is not really an article on this but I thought it was quite interesting. Blink 182 is releasing their breakthrough record “Enema of the State” on vinyl in celebration of the record being released a decade old. It was released for pre-order today (10/19/09) in three different packages. The first package is a copy of the record in either red, blue or clear vinyl, all limited to 500 copies. These copies were sold for $15 a piece. The second package is a copy of the record in black vinyl with a gold embossed seal commemorating the 10 year anniversary. I could not find a number that this package was limited to but it was being sold for $20. The third package was all four different colors of vinyl with the gold embossed stamp. This package was limited to fifty pieces and sold for $60. The records went on sale at around 11 o’clock our time. When I checked back at about 3 all the packages were sold out.

I think this is a great way for artists to earn a little extra cash for their back catalog. Releasing a commemorative cd or lp and making it a limited edition is a great way to make money without really doing any work for it. This in my opinion would work best for bands with a cult following with very loyal fans.

This is the link to the webstore

Steve Smith

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