Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Win Tickets To See The Rocket Summer

Yet another way for bands to gain subscribers to their mailing lists, The Rocket Summer is having a contest to win tickets to their tour with Forever The Sickest Kids and Sing It Loud. All you have to do is enter your email address, home address, birthdate, gender, and location, and you're entered into the contest. Simple as that! It also is a way to gain statistical data surrounding the band regarding gender, age, and location of their fans.

This knowledge will also help management of the band determine where their market is strongest, the average age of the fans, and the male to female ratio. This information can help management strengthen its weaker areas, while also creating marketing strategies geared towards their demographic.

Bands are allotted a certain number of guest list spots and complimentary tickets at each show, so in a sense the prize is free for them. Also, all of their fans who want a guarantee ticket to the show will purchase one ahead of time anyways, so if they win, they might bring a friend along. Those who are hesitant about purchasing a ticket will enter the contest and if they win, they will go and possibly be more likely to actually purchase tickets to the next tour or purchase merchandise while at the show.

Maybe the band should throw in a meet and greet to spice up the contest a little more.

~Laurel Zevitz


  1. The Rocket Summer is first of all amazing in my opinion. But I think this is an effective way of monitoring fan basis, and of course drawing in new fans. If the show in Chicago wasnt on Halloween, Id totally be there.