Monday, October 12, 2009

How NOT To Quit Twitter: Miley Cyrus Raps "Good-bye Twitter" On YouTube

I guarantee everyone has heard in some form or another that Miley Cyrus has indeed quit Twitter. Everyone has the right to quit for whatever reason, but when you're Miley Cyrus with over 2 million fans following your every move, you might want to think twice. There was no warning and no explanation at first, and her fans were very disappointed. Miley Cyrus tweeted at least once a day if not multiple times day.
After she withdrew from Twitter, she decided to make a rap video on youtube to explain why. Apparently, she wants her "private" life back, and was sick of tabloids using her tweets against her...
Bad move Miley. Miley was not the first celebrity in the spot light to complain about the tabloids and her life being private, but Miley put herself in this position. Miley's Twitter account was her own private account, meaning she had control how often and what she tweeted. She didn't have to say her deepest thoughts, favorite quotes, and send obvious love messages to people in front of all her fans. There is a reason most celebrities are now using Twitter. Considering it is one of the most popular social networking sites out there right now, it helps their fans feel as though they have a more personal relationship with their idols. They know what they are thinking, feeling, and doing at the moment they tweet. Creepy? Yeah, a little. But again, these celebrities have control over how much information they give out.
Miley shouldn't have quit Twitter the way she did, or make a rap video basically mocking the situation. For a young girl who has so many fans on her side, she's starting to dig herself a whole by not taking this situation seriously.

--Lyndsie Klott

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  1. The way i see it, think about how much buzz she got over deleting her twitter. Possibly even more than the buzz she had over her twitter. And, it gave her a reason to make a youtube video rapping about it. Which is also getting a lot of buzz and press. I'm sure she'll eventually be back on twitter or at least her label/management will run one for her. Then she can make a youtube video rapping about how shes back on twiter.

    I dont think it will be hard for her to get the 2 million followers again.

    ~Laurel Zevitz