Tuesday, October 13, 2009

iTunes "Single of the Week" (SOTW)

So I wanted to blog again about something iTunes has been doing for some time. This is an example of a great marketing technique as well as something you all should know about as it may be something of interest to you.

Itunes has been featuring every week an artist/band and giving away one of their singles to download for free. They select the artist each week from music iTunes employees are currently enjoying in their libraries (and i'm sure labels and management companies also have an influence on their choices too). After they select the artist, they choose one song to be featured as the free download and for that week, it is FREE! Usually the song is either the artist/band's current single, or possibly iTunes' favorite song off the album.

This is beneficial to both iTunes AND the artist/band. Itunes benefits from this with hopes that those who download the song enjoy it enough to purchase the entire album. The artist/band benefits from getting there music out there to as many as possible, those who were unsure or unaware that want to sample their music before purchasing the entire album or even a single song first. And if by chance those who download the free single like it, they may even be inclined to purchase the album, increasing the artist/band's album sales.

This happens weekly so i highly suggest all of you to keep an eye on it and maybe check out new music or maybe even an artist/band you like may be featured and you can download a free song of theirs.

This week's featured artist is Robert Francis (Atlantic Records) with his single "Junebug." If you like bands such as Brand New, Bright Eyes, The Killers, etc. i think you will enjoy his single and possibly other songs of his.

The link to iTunes "Single of the Week" can be found here.

~Laurel Zevitz


  1. This is pretty cool for sure. I'm always looking for ways to find new music as I feel like the success ratio is real low when searching for stuff, so I need as many sources as possible! Good post!

    -Woody Ellis

  2. I just saw that "Fireflies" (a former single of the week) is now #1 on the iTunes chart! Same thing happened with "Bubbly"

    I'm very interested in how they choose the singles...... :)