Sunday, October 11, 2009

EMI music downloads & Myxer Mobile

Myxer just made a deal with EMI to add their digital music catalog to Myxer's mobile offering. This deal cover the US and Canada and makes EMI the first major label to be put on Myxer's platform. Myxer is mobile web based, which means we'll be seeing artist branded sites similar to I-phone apps. These features will be usable on most mobile phones and should have many possibilities with Myxer's customizable mobile web platform.
This was a brilliant move by both companies and should prove promising for marketing songs through EMI and artists as a brand. More and more we keep seeing a trend of the artist trying to sell more then just a song, but an experience. The artist is now using technology to become closer to the fan then they ever have before, to stay relevant and push other forms of money making deals. Cell phones are a direct advertising tool that stays with the potential customer all day long. This gives more marketing time and access to reach potential fans no matter where they are or possibly what they're doing.
I think well see a lot more mobile providers team up with music sites in the future. This is the future and the driving force behind it is web access, portability, and convenience. It's almost like before advertising would mostly reach people at home or in the car, but now we can be reached everywhere at almost all times. I'm excited to see what other applications or technology will be built in the future, to expand on what we already have.

By: Andre Rodriguez

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