Monday, October 12, 2009

If You Feel Guilty About Stealing Music

This article brings to light an organization that allows people to donate money to "beneficiaries" in the arts who have been hurt by the piracy epidemic. The site affirms that not only should those who steal music should donate to atone for their sins, but also that the music industry is partially to blame for their current state by giving in and giving away some music for free.
This site to me seems absolutely insane. They are expecting these people who knowingly illegally downloaded music to now feel regret and fork over their money. Of everybody I've ever talked to about illegally downloading music, I've never heard any of them say they feel bad about it and they wish they could make up for it. If someone were so compelled to rectify their sins, I would hope that they would go and buy a cd or get a legal download off of iTunes to support those who were actually involved in making the music that they are enjoying. Sending money to someone who most likely had nothing to do with the music seems nothing short of crazy.
I do not see this organization succeeding, infact I hope it doesn't. I don't believe any of the money is actually going to the artists making the music, but instead financial backers. This seems like the latest scam to swindle people out of their money and give if to people who don't need or deserve it.
Steve Smith


  1. I question the authenticity of many charities. So many of those charities that claim to help third world countries and the like hardly send any of the actual funds to their advertised "cause."
    I agree with you on this Steve, I don't see this thing succeeding at all. Plus it does seem like a blatant scam. Either way, the people who run the site will at least take some of the funds for themselves.
    If you feel depressed about it, buy the CD.

    - Derek Jenkins