Thursday, October 29, 2009

Google Closes the Loop on Music Search

Last week, my post briefly discussed the new feature in Google's search engine. After making their public announcement yesterday, Google has provided more details on this new function. First, Google's service operates with music services such as: imeem, Lala, Myspace's recently-acquired iLike, Pandora and Rhapsody. Through Google's regular search box, a user can search for any artist, album, or any song. Users will be able to preview the results from a 30 second music sample however, they are working towards full track coverage. The most interesting aspect of the this music search service is the agreement Google has with its partnering companies. "No money changes hands between Google and its partners as part of this deal; its a straight trade between the services, which want traffic, and Google, which wants to make its search function more useful to music fans." Most importantly, the labels like this new service because it will direct users to toward non-infringing , royalty-paying services. In my opinion, this service is a promising solution to combat piracy because this feature allows users to find music easily. Even if the user can not remember the name of the artist or song, one can search by lyrics. Ultimately, this service will be connecting more music enthusiasts with old, current and new artists in a proper marketing manner. "With the strength of Google’s search algorithms and their music search partners’ efforts to increase the comprehensiveness of their music content, their on track to answer more of your rhymes with the right rhythms.”

-Ryan Dolan

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