Monday, October 19, 2009

Kickstarter: Because You Can't Fund Your Own Album!

ATTENTION: Struggling Artists of the World

While I'm sure many of us would love to put out a new record at this very moment, the harsh reality is that for the most part, we simply don't have the funds necessary do properly record and promote such a release. I, for one, work a crappy day job in order to support such ventures, but man, it'd be nice if I could get a little help.

That's where Kickstarter comes in.

Kickstarter is a website that helps artists to fund their records. The site allows musicians (as well as record labels, painters, videographers, and all other creative types) to create a new project and get help funding the project from their fans by offering a tiered reward system.

For example, one project on the site is to help fund a new album by a group called The Quiet. The goal for the project is $10,000 by October 25, and the group offers the following funding rewards:

A digital download of the album when released, plus your name will appear in a special digital thank you section on their website.

The above, plus an autographed copy of the physical CD when finished.

The above, plus you get a thank you in the actual physical liner notes of the CD, and a unique, yet to be designed, handmade t-shirt from the band.

The above, plus you'll get exclusive video updates from the studio, a deluxe edition of the album, and DVD of the making of the album.

For higher pledges, the group includes such rewards as recording a cover of your choice, writing a song specifically about you, a trip to Disneyland, personal concert, and even a share of publishing rights for the song.

Now...if the goal is not met, the pledges do not go through, no one is charged, and the project is not funded. This keeps artists from having to fulfill pledges that they cannot do without proper funding, and keeps fans from being ripped off. Kickstarter only accepts a limited amount of projects in order to keep the website from becoming over-saturated with content, so it's important for artists to come up with truly creative ideas that will appeal to the site's staff.

I think that this is a truly great system, and fits into a perfect niche in the "new" industry. This site not only helps artists to fund projects, but helps to make a true connection between artists and fans, solidifying a dedicated fanbase for artists.

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Alex Katz

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  1. That is a really great concept, I could see this as something that would catch on a little more as time goes on. I have not visited the site as of writing this, but I wonder how the site protects itself from scammers. Surely a site like this would eventually be targeted.
    This is a nice idea for struggling bands, there is a lot of unheard talent out there. Money is one of the main reasons many artists go unheard and unseen.

    - Derek Jenkins