Monday, October 12, 2009

Perez Hilton does a music tour...sounds like he should of stuck to blogging.

My article this week is about "famous" blogger Perez Hilton's music tour that featured up and coming indie bands over a 3 and a half week span in different cities in North America. The article states that the tour was "decently" successful. Stating that crowds were modest, ticket prices were lowered on the day of the show & tickets were even given away at some venues. Some music execs weren't even aware that these bands were going on tour. Not to mention this is a guy who now has his own label imprint over at Warner Music Group. I know, what the hell right?

From what I read, this sounds like a marketing failure to me. I think that this tour was given the green light because of his name & they figured that it would be a good way to give some of these bands some spotlight. Only problem is, I'm sure his readers aren't the target market for some of these bands. I only know, because some of the people I know that read his blog religiously have never heard of any of these bands. I can see what they tried to do...but in the end it was a failure.
-Marcus Hall


  1. I actually read an article about this tour, I forgot who but one of the bands dropped off midway through the tour as well. They said the front woman of the band would show up sloppy drunk and either walk off stage or perform like shit. on top of that the venues we're barely half full. Basically he replaced some no name band with another after they dropped off. But yes I agree, that tour is heading for disaster and I must admit that puts a smile on face.
    -trevor kay

  2. One sign of a failed event is when tickets have to be given away. You could not even pay me to waste my time at such a concert.
    Why are so many celebrities trying to get into music these days? Suddenly it seems like so many actors, actresses, bloggers, models, and so on... are either becoming "musicians" or hosting some musical event.
    I agree with Trevor on this, it is a nice thing to see this tour heading for disaster.

    - Derek Jenkins