Tuesday, October 13, 2009

EMI Trades Lawsuit for Deal with Music Start-up Grooveshark

Reportedly, EMI had been working on a licensing deal with Grooveshark.com but ended up suing it instead because it didn't have the rights to their music but way played their music anyway. EMI is now signing a licensing deal with Grooveshark.com after all. Grooveshark.com offers music fans the ability to stream songs for no fee from a vast catalog of music. This week, Grooveshark.com entered into agreements with major label EMI Music and EMI Music Publishing that will give Grooveshark users access to content from EMI’s roster of current and legendary catalog artists and EMI Music Publishing’s songwriters.

Everyone seems to be happy, even Mark Piibe, EMI Music’s Global Head of Digital Business Development said, ”Grooveshark offers a new revenue stream for our artists and will help us learn more about how we can better connect different types of fans with artists.”

This goes hand in hand with product alternatives.


~Rachel August Millas

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