Monday, October 19, 2009


Topspin is a technology platform for direct-to-fan marketing, management, and distribution. Topspin helps bands develop tools to not only market CD releases, but also distribute them. Topspin offers integrated software to help artists with widget platforms, e-mail marketing, and target marketing.

"Topspin helps generate demand for your music in five key ways:
Fan-to-fan viral marketing
Target marketing to acquire new fans
Direct marketing to existing fans
Flexible offers to drive higher revenue per transaction
A 360° data analytics platform to help optimize your marketing tactics"

The article I found discusses how Topspin has helped a smaller known band called Fanfarlo release a CD for 1 dollar and an e-mail. It helped the band gain popularity in the US as well as in other countries. They are unsure if Topspin can help all smaller bands, since the platform is more know for helping artists such as the Beastie Boys, and Eminem, but they are willing to see how things will go.

I think that the platform is a great marketing tool for any band. The goal though is to figure out how lesser known bands can utilize the system. I think once they begin to establish more smaller bands, more ideas will come about.

- Valerie South.


  1. After looking at this site, it definitely looks like something that could be a great tool for artists. I'll be sure to learn more, and possibly get involved with Topspin myself...if I think that their services would be beneficial to me.

    Alex Katz

  2. I agree with Alex, this does look like a great marketing tool. I think that if done correctly, this service would present better results for smaller bands. The more mainstream ones already have a following, and people know where to find out about their new products. I will have to take a look at this site sometime when I have the time... Interesting read.

    - Derek Jenkins