Friday, October 9, 2009

social networking as a form of merchandise

I found this post to be quite interesting. The article discusses how the use of social networking sites such as Twitter or Facebook are changing the way that artists sell themselves to the general public.
The digital content distributor, Culturejam have recently launched several Facebook and Twitter applications that have the potential to cause a seismic shift in how artists and marketing departments use web 2.0; including applications for "Twitter listening parties,"give-aways, and the like.
The article spoke of how web 2.0 has the power to become a money maker for artists as much as traditional merchandise. I found this to be an interesting theory considering how web 2.0 is free. Culturejam has the right idea, and here's why..
This week, 30 seconds to mars launched a giveaway in which followers of the bands twitter send a tweet to the bands Culturejam twitter account, and one lucky "tweeter" wins a free guitar and hard shell case every day for thirty days. Culturejams website also mentioned that the band themselves would pick the winner every day.
I think it's a great idea, and while it isn't necessarily groundbreaking, to me it reinforces the notion that personal interaction between artist/fan base is of the up most importance these days. -Eric Hart

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