Sunday, October 25, 2009

Mojo Nixon Results

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the musician Mojo Nixon. He was releasing an album full of b sides and unreleased tracks. He was releasing this album for free exclusively through Amazon. He was also going to allow for his entire catalog for free for a limited time. The promotion is almost over and it has been incredibly successful. So far there have been over 1 million tracks downloaded. Mojo has done quite a bit of promotion for the release through his satelite radio broadcasts but the response was more than anyone predicted.
When I initially read this article I didn't think it would be this successful. There are still a few days left of the promotion and it will be interesting to see the final totals of this promotion, but I don't know if this has actually done anything for the parties involved. I'm sure Amazon has had a few increased sales, but other than that there seems to be no benefits. I don't see any sort of business model that based off of this, and it seems like this just might be a case of someone doing a benevolent act.
The followup article can bee seen here:


  1. I would say that this has helped both parties. For Mojo, it has at least given him a lot of exposure. One million downloads is not something to laugh at. Surely, there were some new listeners in those numbers, especially since it is being offered as a free download. For Amazon, it may have also gotten some people to buy some things. By having people come in to look or obtain that free item, they may have seen something that they actually wanted to pay for. Either that, or since some people may have signed up to Amazon just for that free download, they may be more likely to buy from there in the future since they now have an account.

    - Derek Jenkins