Thursday, October 22, 2009

Google Prepares Music Search Service has confirmed that Google plans to launch a music service. Rumors suggest that it will be called "Google Music," "Google Audio", or "One Box". The name will be announced next Wednesday plus it will link out two music services: Lala and iLike. Most importantly, Google will offer enhanced music search with a streaming function rather then a online music retailer. According to the article, searching for an artist or song will bring up a box with a streaming link randomly assigned to stream songs from either Lala or iLike. From a marketing perspective, this popular search engine will allow music enthusiast to access on demand streaming services faster through a convenient service from Google. Already, musical guests such as Linkin Park and Dead by Sunrise are showing their support at the opening event of this service. Furthermore, Google's music search service will include music from all four major labels and, most likely, all of the indie content on iLike and Lala. ILike streams some songs as 30-second samples and others and full-length songs, plus sells MP3s. On the other hand, Lala allows users to stream complete songs and albums once for free. In addition, registered users can buy streaming songs for 10 cents that can be credited to the purchase of the full download. In conclusion, I believe with Google's brand image, this company will enable users to discover music more efficiently.

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  1. I heard something about this a few weeks ago.I doubt that they will compete with iTunes too much (Since you mentioned the sale of MP3s), as Google and Apple are bed buddies. Somehow, I could see Apple getting some sort of help from this. A lot of Youtube ads link to iTunes sources already as well. I would not be surprised if it turns into an extension of iTunes eventually. But we will see what happens.

    - Derek Jenkins