Saturday, October 3, 2009

Interesting article that I just stumbled on the other day where the UK based rock band, Muse, actually received praise and endorsement from tv/radio host Glenn Beck.  He was praising their new album saying they were ahead of their time and brilliant.  However, a little bit after the interview Glenn Beck received an email stating that the band wanted him to retract the previous statements and not to endorse the band.  He later commented back saying "Apologies [to Muse] for saying I liked them... I didn't mean to destroy all their credibility and coolness".   I thought this was hilarious, also I am pretty sure Muse wasn't concerned with their coolness with being endorsed on Glenn Beck's show, but rather would not want to be associated with him.  I as well have never been a big fan of Glenn Beck and thought this was great that Muse actually took the time to make him take the comments back.  Most bands would love the opportunity of free advertising, but it's good to see Muse stick with their beliefs.

Trevor Kay

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