Friday, October 16, 2009

Bon Jovi and NBC.

Bon Jovi is now essential the resident band for NBC. With the Grammy winning band's next album The Circle's release on November 12th, the band will perform on the Today show four times throughout November, and tracks off of their new album will be integrated into many of NBC's programming. The network also now has exclusive access to the band and the tracks off of The Circle during the albums first month on the streets.
I think that this is a really great opportunity for Bon Jovi and NBC. Bon Jovi now will have exposure to one of America's most diverse audiences which can only help push sales of Full Circle; and NBC, who's ratings are hurting may get an extra boost as Bon Jovi fans will inevitably tune in more often.

-Eric Hart

1 comment:

  1. As a Bon Jovi fanatic, this will not necessarily increase my viewing of NBC. I hardly watch television as it is, but this is an interesting marketing scheme. It will be interesting to see what statistics come from it. I already have my copy of the album on pre-order as well... ^_^

    - Derek Jenkins