Friday, October 30, 2009

Live Nation Opens Web Platform To Artists & Fans

The article I chose to discuss deals with Live Nation. They've made changes to their website that will place more of their content in the hands of the fans & artists. Some of the new features that are now available are: The ability for artists & fans to upload their own concerts to be searched along live nation events, fan-generated content modules (concert/artist wiki pages, concert reviews & integrated twitter streams), Facebook connect & a comprehensive listing of concerts & ticket inventory.

Personally I think that this is a good move for Live Nation. As the largest producer of concerts in the world, a move like this cements this position. It gives fans more of a chance to be involved, as well as a chance for artists to be more involved. It gives smaller venues a chance to be seen on the Live Nation website, as well as smaller acts. For Live Nation, this is also a bold move. Most competitors will never advertise anything run by their competition. I see nothing but good coming out of this for everyone involved.

-Marcus Hall

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