Thursday, October 22, 2009

Billy Corgan Keeps Promise to Release Free Album

Smashing Pumpkins has decided to raise the bar on the free music bandwagon by releasing the very ambitious Teargarden by Kaleidyscope.

The revamped Pumpkins will let fans snag the 44 track ‘album’ for free. Corgan went on to state:

“Each song will be made available absolutely for free, to anyone anywhere … Free will mean free, which means you won’t have to sign up for anything, give an email address, or jump through a hoop. You will be able to go and take the song or songs as you wish, as many times as you wish.”

Basically, the band will put new songs from the "album" up on their website as the tracks are completed. It’s like a puzzle, and the fans have to keep returning to the website to get the pieces to the puzzle. Eventually, the Pumpkins will release their eighth studio album as a box set containing 11 four-track EP’s, which is where they hope to make their money.

Corgan also stated that the music “hearkens back to the original psychedelic roots of the [band]: atmospheric, melodic, heavy, and pretty”. This will be great for the original fans because they have drifted off into completely different styles at times, and it has been publicly known that people didn't necessarily like it

I not only like giving away music, but I really like the idea for this project. It kind of makes you feel like a part of the recording process. I’ve never heard of an album that has allowed fans to hear it from conception to completion. I really won’t be surprised if more bands copy it.

The fact that fans will have to keep visiting the website is obviously great marketing because the band can throw whatever they want up there, and millions of viewers will be forced to see it if they want the new music. Not to mention, with 44 tracks to collect, fans will be coming back to the website, with a purpose, with quite some time. Brilliant idea if you ask me.

-Woody Ellis

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