Saturday, October 24, 2009

Your Digital Record offers a more affordable alternative to the iTunes LP

It was only going to be a matter of time since the release of the iTunes LP that we would start to see competitors. A new company called Your Digital Download jumped right on the bandwagon with the new digital LP services with their own free version of this. In this artists and labels alike can upload their digital music files to produce digital interactive albums which will have all the same qualities of a physical release (artwork, pics, liner notes, lyrics) and also videos in an "online studio". Users will be capable of emailing their albums through embedded codes as a widget. Also, in the fashion of Radiohead, allows users to donate via PayPal to the artists. The article doesn't say if a percentage or how much of the donation will go to Your Digital Download or if it all goes to the band. The article also doesn't specify a revenue stream for the company for doing this free service. An employee of Your Digital Download, Chris Connell, states that this is a service launched for bands to have a similar service as the iTunes LP, but are unable to afford iTunes asking price and are not personally selected. I think this a great new service being offered. Being in a band myself I can definitely see us trying this new platform out. This is definitely the new trend in the production of albums and I am glad to see a company try to work with independent artists on this. I am curious as to the compatibility of this program and putting the mp3's on to iTunes since they are going to be competitors and iTunes is a very relevant source of fans actually listening to the music they have downloaded.

Trevor Kay

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