Friday, October 23, 2009

new music video technology

Recently, A new John Mayer video was released through his website, however this video now steps into a whole new world of fan-artist interaction. The technology, dubbed "augmented reality" music videos allows anybody with a cellphone, and a web cam to become a part of his new video. It is relatively easy to get started as well. I watched a YouTube video that demonstrated how it works; all you have to do is match up the image given to you from Mayer's site with your web cam, and at that moment the video starts automatically. From that point on not only can you see yourself in the background of the video, the video becomes entirely three dimensional allowing you to view the video itself at any possible angle.
This to me, is very exciting. My own personal opinion on music videos as of late has been that they have started to get a little stagnant. Every local band with a budget these days seems to be putting one out, and I'm sure I've seen the same 4 plot lines played out at least a million times over by now. This, however changes everything. Not only is the ability to see everything that is happening in the video in 3-D incredible, but the fact that it occurs in real time with the fan IN the video is an incredible step in music video history.
this can obviously have HUGE benefits for the marketing of a song/artist/album etc.. I'm not even a John Mayer fan and I had to play along with it.
-Eric Hart

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  1. I think this is an awesome idea and definitely will get the attention of fans of john mayer and others. I've seen technology kind of used like this before with tv shows allowing you to submit your own version of a video that may have been used in a bit by applying yourself in the green screen. However, this is the first time i have seen it with a music video and i feel that this will be a new trend in music videos to follow.
    -Trevor Kay