Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Gift of Music according to Facebook

Facebook is now adding music to their site through LaLa. Now one can purchase songs for friends through the music store which offers 8 million songs; web songs being 1 credit each and full down loadable and digital rights management-free MP3s are 9 credits each. Users can sign up using Facebook Connect or use it if they have an existing account with LaLa. One can now play their web songs and MP3s from and their Facebook news feed and wall as much as they like. People downloading MP3s can also download their songs and use the gift on other music players like ITunes and Windows Media Player. Facebook users who are able to see the music gift can play the song through full once, and after that can only play 30 seconds of the clip.
This is a whole new outlet to promote artists and songs through an already increasing popular social network. This is the best of both worlds, because not only can one use the songs for enjoyment on media players, I-Pods, etc., but one also can share these songs with their friends, thus promoting through word of mouth. It is a way to make a profit by giving the gift of music. The value is built in to the availability and uses of these web songs and MP3s. It is a very wise move to incorporate music in this social network, seeing how the most powerful form of advertising is through word of mouth. Other people who didn't even receive the music as a gift can still preview the music of other friends in their network. It's genius and I think it should gain a lot of ground in the following months.

By: Andre Rodriguez

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  1. I am a HUGE fan of facebook (although not so much of some of the "improvements" they have constantly been making), so the fact that they are diving deeper into the music realm sounds awesome to me. All the more reason to procrastinate doing homework on a regular basis!

    -Woody Ellis