Sunday, October 11, 2009

Classical Music Revival?

This week I found an article that discussed a potential "revival" of classical music in the mainstream. Last week on the blog and in class, we talked about Grizzly Bear's performances with live orchestras. The idea is that using different styles of music to complement your own is a great way to not only broaden your fan base, but also to expand your own image in the music community. When you match your own music with that of an orchestra, the public's perception of you shifts.

The article that I read essentially reinforces the fact that classical music is slowly making its way back into the mainstream, and how classical artists are utilizing technology much like any other musician. Zoe Keating, a D.I.Y. violinist with no agent or record label became the #1 classical artist on iTunes simply by creating a strong online following via Twitter and YouTube videos.

I suppose there are two morals to this story. One is that utilizing classical music may be the new way to establish yourself as a legitimate artist in the music industry. The other is that social networking technology is beneficial to artists of all genres; the ability to reach out and be seen by the people who want to see you is one of the largest benefits. And by utilizing different markets of music, you can spread your presence across multiple fields.


Bill Ross

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