Monday, September 14, 2009

Will Fans Punish Kanye West?

I am sure like myself, others are already sick of hearing about the Kanye West incident that occured at the MTV Music Video Awards last night, but I thought it would be a great topic any way. The incident I am referring to (for those of you who don't know) is when Kanye jumped on stage when young Taylor Swift was accepting her award for Best Female Video.

After this moment the question is will Kanye lose a lot of his fans, or will he continue to make tons of money? Will he also be dropped from any current or future marketing campaigns? I found an interesting article pertaining to this very question.

I think Kanye will be in the clear. The fans he already had will continue to support him, but he did upset quite a number of people last night. Twitter went crazy after the VMA moment with over 293,024 tweets being sent out in the single hour after West's meltdown. Which is probably exactly what Kanye wanted. The only other question left: Was this all staged by Kanye and MTV, you can decide for yourself on that one.

- Val South


  1. I'm sure this was all a publicity stunt Kanye used to get attention as he gets ready to head out on tour, but I think it's pretty disgusting that the only way he can think of doing this is by ruining someone elses moment. He acts like he is this amazing artist but he's better known for his outbursts than his music. This is one "star" I would love to see fade away.
    Steve Smith

  2. i dont think it was a publicity stunt. kanye is very opinionated. some people are like that. i can see his point of view. he thought beyonce deserved the award more than taylor. The way he handled expressing that opinion was out of line, but i also dont think kanye thinks before he says things or does things. when he apologized publicly to taylor swift on jay leno's show the next night, he explained his thought process. he seemed regretful of his actions.

    however, as an artist, i think kanye is talented. he has created a style in hip hop that is very recognizable. an artist's reputation is important, but kanye isnt the first musician to hold a bad personality reputation.

    as for this stunt, it was wrong. but i think kanye will be okay and continue to hold his fans and gain new ones. his actions may always be remembered but after some time, people will momentarily forget about it and move on.