Sunday, September 20, 2009

Record Labels Develop a Taste for Vampires

Even if you're not a fan, you have heard or know of Twilight. Promotional materials for the books, movies, and even soundtracks are everywhere. What once started out as a popular series for young teens, has now turned into one of the most popular topics of conversation in entertainment. I'm sure having a good looking cast that people thrive for doesn't hurt, but what really took me by surprise was how the music industry took advantage of the open door for the promotional opportunity that was there for the music.

I have personally found some of my favorite songs and artists through movie soundtracks, and viewers really do make emotional attachments not only to the movie itself but also to the music that is chosen for the movie. This articles discusses how soundtracks may be overlooked, but can be very beneficial for music promotion.

Twilight is probably the best example considering its popularity and the fact that people are already waiting to see the rest of the movie series and to hear what music will be showcased. As much as people say the music industry is suffering, which may be true, it is important to remember the outlets such as soundtracks. Although they may not take first row to promotional strategy, it could be just as important and beneficial.

-Lyndsie Klott


  1. I worked on the promotion of the twilight soundtrack and will be working the new moon soundtrack as well... the promotional tools we distributed to retailers and fans pre release and post release were creative. we figured many of the book fans were attending the movies so we created bookmarks promoting the album. we also had character cards similar to baseball cards, with facts about each character and also info about the soundtrack. We also had balloons, and stickers and so on. And while promoting the soundtrack we would target audiences at movie theaters, concerts, etc.
    the same thing will be done for the new moon soundtrack.

    but there definitely is a connection with music and film. Film is a great way to promote an artist. even without purchasing the album, someone may watch a movie, or even on tv see a show, and hear a song and find out who it is. its another outlet for artists to be discovered.


  2. I believe that for some people, visual representation is just as important to them as the actual song itself. A marketing strategy such as this can be quite effective indeed.
    The article was an interesting read as well.

    - Derek