Saturday, September 19, 2009

Marketing Music On YouTube

In recent years, a video streaming site called "YouTube" has recently become nearly as popular as the company's search engine that obtained them. With millions of individual visitors each day, this site was bound to eventually become a source for marketers from all fields.
Have you ever tried searching for music on YouTube? These days many people smuggle tracks onto the site, usually these are accompanied by album art or some other visual. Despite this, what you will find to be more prevalent are promotional videos. Many record labels have "Channels" on the site that they use as a base in order to distribute their advertisements. Often times you will also see banners on the site that show advertisements for music releases as well. The most amazing thing is that other than the banners, the advertising is free.
To me, I would think that such a site would be a dream to any marketer whom was looking for some place in cyberspace to advertise. The cost is about as low as you can get, you can directly reach your target audience, and the demonstrations are potentially unlimited. Many promotional videos have well over one million hits within the first week of their placement on the site as well. Television can reach a similar amount of people, but is much more costly if you intend to do so.
With the rise of YouTube, the iPhone, iPod, Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, Google, and other similar sites or devices... One can only imagine what the future will bring. In less than ten years, the playing field has changed drastically for marketers. With sites like this to help get the word out, I can only view the existence of YouTube to have a positive impact on the success of marketing ventures.

- Derek Jenkins

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