Sunday, September 13, 2009

Nimbit's Mystore on Facebook

Nimbit has launched a new feature for artists on Facebook. Before this new platform was introduced, artists' pages on Facebook could only link to third-party stores such as iTunes in order to sell their music and merchandise. The new Nimbit Mystore application provides artists with the ability to sell their music directly to their fans on Facebook.

Along with the ability to sell directly to Facebook users comes the access and exposure to the Facebook community. This platform acts not only as an easy "vending machine" of sorts, but also as a huge marketing machine. By allowing more opportunities for bands' pages to be explored and utilized, Nimbit provides the artist with an incredibly larger chance of being noticed via users' news feeds.

The great thing about this new innovation is the chance for artists and fans alike to have a sort of "one-stop shop" for music, merchandise, tickets, and various other products provided by the artist. Artists can use Facebook to track sales and trends, while users can discover music easier and faster. Overall, Nimbit's new platform seems to be a fantastic tool for artists to connect directly with their fans. The fact that it combines a multitude of services into one place leads me to believe that it will catch on and become more popular as time goes on.

-Bill Ross


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