Friday, September 11, 2009

Record Label Gives Music Away (Yep, That's Right.)

Indie record label Suburban Home is giving away free albums. Not just a compilation of the label's best work or some album filled with b-sides. But albums from their catalog. I know what you're thinking. There's some kind of catch right? Wrong. This is being done by the good people of Suburban House out of celebration. After only 3 days of this promotion, they have given out over 3,000 albums. I think that it's a pretty cool way to celebrate being in business for 14 years. Now if only we could get some of the major labels to something half as cool as this...

This appeals to me & others because I don't think I can ever remember a record label giving away albums. Although it may seem corny, I think it's cool that a label thinks of something like this to sort of thank their fans and perhaps make new ones. It also gives them more publicity. Before reading this article, I had never heard of Suburban Home, but I'll be sure to pay attention to them now on. What also surprises me is that they're only asking for an e-mail address. I'm sure you'll be getting e-mails from the label from time to time, but it's a lot better than getting junk e-mail & then junk mail to your house & promotional texts to your cell phone & etc. Which benefits them in that they're able to let the downloaders know about more promotions or new releases from their artists, as well as upcoming concerts.

-Marcus Hall

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