Friday, September 18, 2009

Songwriters REALLY want to get paid.

I've come across an article where it's discussed that songwriters would like to earn more performance royalties. I know, not a problem right? But here's the thing...they want royalties from the preview clips of songs that can be heard on iTunes. Yep, every time someone double-clicks to preview a song, songwriters want money for it.

I'm all for musicians getting paid, but even I must admit this seems like a little much. I'm not saying Apple will call their bluff, but just imagine if you couldn't preview songs before you bought them. Would you still buy the songs or the album? I do think that a mutual agreement will be made but if one isn't, what could possibly come of this new proclamation by musicians.

-Marcus Hall

1 comment:

  1. i think its a little too much for songwriters to request that. Musicians arent being paid royalties for having their songs previewed, so why should the songwriters be treated any differently.