Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Slacker Faces the Music with New Smartphone Strategy

This article briefly discusses the new business model approach of Slacker. With the increase popularity of streaming radio applications on smartphones and other platforms, Slacker (initially produced MP3 hardware players with internet radio capabilities) plans on establishing a strong presence on smartphones. Clearly, Slackers reform in business operations is vital to maintain a business presence in the realm of Internet radios. The timing could have not been better with the current demand for smartphones. However, they have a immense amount of work ahead of them to compete with Pandora's dominance (currently ranked #1 on top list of free Blackberry Apps). If Slacker expands it genre selection and develops a "better" fine tune channel tool, this business should prosper. On the other hand, these Internet radio applications are simple but very effective marketing tools for music artists. Overall, I think these Internet radio applications will thrive for awhile because it opens minds to a lot new music artists which seems to be the current behavior of music enthusiasts.

-Ryan Dolan

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