Friday, September 11, 2009

iTunes LP: Video & A First Look

Music geeks and trendy vinyl hipsters everywhere rejoice! iTunes has done it again! (kind of)

This week, apple released the new iTunes LP album format, which aims to re-create the intimacy of a vinyl record by utilizing interactive liner notes, track listings, and bonus videos.
It seems that many people have a negative connotation with the new release, (the author mentioned this, as well as the comments by other hypebot users) which I just don't get.

Yes, the new LP format is pricier than the other downloads available through iTunes, yes the "LP" graphics/liner notes graphics aren't too spectacular, (watch the video tour of Dave Matthews LP) and yes the LP format only plays on iTunes 9 and is not compatible with other media players. These are all legitimate concerns...
I think that what most of the nay-sayers aren't seeing in this is the possibilities. I think that the new LP idea is great! In time the graphics and features will improve (like they do with any new technology,) the iTunes 9 issue is a concern, but i wouldn't be suprised if apple changes that somehow, especially if sales lag. And as for the higher price think about this: despite the economic downturn vinyl records sales and popularity are still very high. Plus the added features, artist designed LPs, and bonus videos included in some of the LPs! I don't see many music geeks passing up on this new digital music opportunity.
-Eric Hart

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  1. Eric, or anybody, how do you think this will affect how albums are marketed on iTunes? - Kegan