Monday, September 14, 2009

They Might Be Giants Market To A Younger Audience

They Might Be Giants is striving for a broader fan base. This alternative rock band which formed in 1982 in Brooklyn are generally known amongst a mature audience for their experimental sound and abstract subject matter. On September 1st they released their 14th album entitled Here Comes Science which is geared towards children. It contains 19 audio tracks and 19 videos all relating to science. This collection of songs touches topics such as astronomy, paleontology, chemistry, anatomy, and evolution. Currently on tour, They Might Be Giants can be found playing two shows a day in one town, a “family show” to promote their children’s albums and a “flood show” to promote their adult albums.
I think that this is a very creative and wholesome way to expand their fan base and a great way to get their name out there to everyone. Also, now parents who are alternative/indie rock fans don’t have to suffer listening to Hannah Montana or Alvin and the Chipmunks! There is a potential that this marketing could have a detrimental effect on the adults without kids that don’t already know the band. It could give them the reputation of being a children’s band. Either way, it gets the band’s name out there to spark an interest. You don’t even need to be 9 years of age to enjoy these songs, this one is my new jam… lol.
-Erin Schwaba

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