Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A new single from Michael Jackson called "This Is It" will be released on Oct. 12. The song features some of Michaels brothers doing backup vocals, and it is part of a 2-disc album that is being released around the same time as the "This Is It" film which documents his final days rehearsing for his comeback concerts.
The double album will be released 2 days before the film hits theaters on Oct. 28. The album will have 2 versions of the single, and it will also feature more previously unreleased versions of Jackson classics.
They are marketing this album to go hand in hand with the film, which obviously has mass appeal because people are interested in seeing Michael soon before he passed. The music landscape has changed drastically since Michael last put out a record, but that shouldn't have any effect on this marketing campaign. People loved Michael for all of his classics, and those same people, plus a younger generation, are interested in his legacy. To me, something like this release is automatically marketed towards the older fans, but with the new music that is being included, it will appeal to the younger audience as well.
-Woody Ellis

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  1. I will forsure buy the album and go see the movie too. To some this is going to be creepy but I think it is a great way to keep MJ as the King of Pop forever so we can remember what he did for the music industry. Lets face it...the marketing is genius and the money made off of this will be huge!

    ~Rachel August Millas