Monday, September 21, 2009

Album Experience

The article I found is about U2 and Blackberry teaming together to help listeners be able to experience album booklets once again. I remember growing up I loved looking at the CD booklet for lyrics and pictures of the band. With digital music so popular now, many fans no longer get the same experience. However, U2 and Blackberry have designed a free application for Smartphone users to be capable of looking at the CD booklet right from their phone. The app allows users to view photos, interviews, videos, news, lyrics, and samples of music from U2's most recent CD " No Line on the Horizon." Users of this application can also find links to purchase music straight through their Smartphones.

I think this is a pretty cool idea. I know when you purchase CD's off iTunes they provide a CD booklet, but this will enhance that feature. More people may be inclined to purchase music if one of their favorite artist's did the same thing.

- Val South


  1. along with the new iTunes update earlier this month, the iTunes store now carries "LPs" which sound very similar to this.

  2. I was actually impressed when I had first realized that the booklets had come with the CD's that you can purchase off of iTunes. With the increase and competition in technology it was only a matter of time before it was some how integrated with phones. I agree people do enjoy booklets, but I wonder how effective this application will be. I know for me, I enjoyed the hard copy booklets, and it will be interesting to see if people take advantage of people able to have them as accessible straight from their phones.

  3. This is a pretty cool idea, but if you're a fan of the actual physical book (such as myself) then it really doesn't do much for you. I have an iPhone & if a similar feature was made for my phone, I'd probably mess with it once & then never really look at it again. There's just something about buying an album and reading the liner notes while listening to it for the first time that can't be replicated.

    -Marcus Hall