Sunday, September 20, 2009

Live Nation Extends Discounts To Clubs

Live Nation is one of the leading ticket sellers around. They sign artists but predominately are concert promoters and therefore are seen as one of the biggest forces in promotion. I found an article regarding recent pricing strategies used by live nation which shows how they've been combating affects of this economic recession. Live Nation has been experimenting this past summer with a series of one day sales and dropped ticketing fees. Their strategy this summer proved to be very effective, striking excitement in fans across the nation.

However, now that the summer has come to an end, for a limited time, Live Nation is selling club passports for $50 bucks a pop plus ticketing fees. The passport would basically get you into any participating club of your choice, such as house of blues, for any non-sold out show at that particular club for the remainder of 2009.

The Rules

"Beginning today fans can go to and purchase a Club Passport. A list of participating shows will be immediately available. Every Monday thereafter, Passport holders log on to or follow LiveNation on Facebook or Twitter to see the list of participating club shows in their city and to reserve their ticket. The Club Passport holders just bring their Live Nation Club Passport number and photo I.D. to the club’s box office and get in with no extra charges."

This member/pricing strategy is very clever, especially in light of the economic situation we're in right now. This is extremely attractive to music fans who already go to many concerts. Now they only have to pay a one time $50 dollars and ticketing expenses and get to enjoy a lot more shows then they would've before, for nearly the same price. This also creates more impulse buys for the music fans who have purchased the passport but wouldn't normally go to as many shows. One can quickly see how calculated this strategy is, when looking at purchasing behaviors of music fans. Most of the time ticket purchases are dependant on not only knowing if your favorite artist is playing, but the cost and location. If one purchases a passport to a specific club he is familiar with and enjoys then not only will he be updated as to all the shows taking place there, but the cost is so low now, that the passport holder will be most likely tempted to experience shows he normally would not attend. This is boosted promotion not only for Live Nation, but for the venues and artists as well. Short and simple, this is going to fill more seats.

In all, the marketing strategy at Live Nation is very effective because they are always keeping current and evolving. Consistently staying on their toes and never becoming complacent. As Bruce Lee once said, "One must be like water" and adapt not only to the buyers behaviors and economy, but technology as well.

By: Andre Rodriguez


  1. Even though I think this is a pretty cool idea and is most likely worth the cost, I would be afraid that every show I really wanted to see would be sold out. I actually almost bought the ticket the other day when I first saw this, but that part of the agreement was a deal breaker for me.

    - Val South

  2. i think this is a cool idea. I think it should be something they continue with for the future. However, the only downfall to this in my opinion, if the majority of your shows sell out, this passport doesnt pay off. Venues like house of blues which are small sell out depending on the bands/artists playing. but it could also be a good way for consumers to discover new music. on a night with nothing to do, they can stop into a house of blues or other venue to see live music. It benefits a lot of people in this situation.