Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Beatles, Rock Band and Remasters: a study in the big, old way of marketing music

If you've been to a Best Buy in the past month, or turned on a TV, you know that the highly-anticipated Beatles: Rock Band is coming out tomorrow. If you've opened up the pages of a music magazine recently, or the New York Times for that matter, you will also know that for the first time since they were issued on CD in 1987, The Beatles catalog is getting the remastered treatment using 24 bit, 192 khz (in both stereo AND mono) . As much as the Rock Band game is a revolution in game design, and the remasters are a flexing of technological muscle, the marketing, or "roll-out" of hands-down the most marketed band in music history, is a testament to the big, old, expensive (and incredibly successful) way of marketing music and product.

I look forward to delving more into The Beatles:Roll-out in as a case study in Week Two. In the meantime, please read these two articles in preparations for next week's lecture. Comments will be required. More bad puns on Beatles song title's will be extra credit...



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