Monday, September 28, 2009

This article covers the sales of the Beatles remastered albums which have done incredibly well. It raises the question that maybe music sales are not quite as bad as some think. My personal opinion is that maybe music these days just is not as good as it used to be. Much of the popular music today does not have anything of importance to say, most of it lacks any real artistry and originality. The Beatles sales show that if there is a product out there that actually has quality, consumers will buy it. If there were remasters of other influential bands I'm sure they would have similar success. I think record labels today will put out a record that has a few songs that will have success on the radio because they are catchy and think that that record deserves to get a million sales even though the song has the same format as every other song on the radio. The songs say nothing of importance, and lack any real artistic expression. A song that has a catchy chorus and a beat that people will dance to will no longer get you a platinum record, but maybe if you start saying something in your music you can have a little success.


  1. i would agree with you. For legendary bands like this, it is successful and labels should take advantage of this now before CDs completely go extinct.