Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Miranda Lambert Starting A 'Revolution'

Miranda Lambert first exploded onto the scene as a finalist in the 2003 season of the "Nashville Star" television series. She didn’t win – a result she has described as a blessing. “I was hoping not to win,” she once said. “The winner had to go in right after the contest and make a record in a couple of weeks, and I wasn’t ready.” Some would think that is big talk from a small-town Texas girl. But six years later she is about to release "Revolution" on Tuesday, September 29, which is one of the most highly anticipated country releases of the fall.
"Revolution," from a song or a lyric; instead, the country-rocker is a bit more philosophical about her new work. "To me, that's an exciting word, that something new is happening. I sort of reinvented myself musically on this record," Lambert tells Billboard.com. 
Her Marketing and Promotion team has this girl extremely busy getting the news that the album is about to drop in stores near you. This coming Thursday she is set to sing "Revolution" start to finish  at Nashville's Ryman Auditorium, has TV appearance's back to back on September 29 going from Good Morning America to The Late Show with David Letterman. Also, the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on October 1 and from there, she will fly to Los Angeles to tape the Ellen DeGeneres show on October 5 and the next day the Bonnie Hunt show.
I may not be a country fan but I am excited to see and hear what all the buzz is about!

~Rachel August Millas


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  1. I don't like country music very much, but it is awesome to see someone have the patience to go their own route in the music industry. Seems like everyone just jumps on any chance at stardom they can get these days, and that's annoying.

    -Woody Ellis