Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It's a Personal Music Player not a Cell Phone!

I disagree with this article. Simply, because I think that people are more focused on the fun gaming apps than what Microsoft is actually trying to have available for their serious music listeners. 

Yes, I do love and own a iPod but I only have music on it. No fun apps,  just the preloaded games. I do not think that Microsoft bombed a huge marketing opportunity with up-to-date software services on the new Zune HD. And even if they did, in November, Twitter and Facebook apps and some 3D games will launch giving them a competitor edge. Some of Zune's buyer's have said that, "The Zune 4.0 software is a better music/media management program; outshining iTunes in its overall user experience. Small feature’s like quick play and a Smart DJ that accesses not just your collection but the entire Zune marketplace collection (if you have a Zune pass) make accessing a large music collection and discovering new music easy.

I just believe that is article is talking about two different devices...if you are going to make strong pro's and con's, be sure you are doing it fair. "Apples to Apples not Apples to Oranges!"

Overall, I am proud to see a product that its priority is music!


~Rachel August Millas

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