Thursday, September 10, 2009

Rapper Lil Jon will be releasing his first album in 5 years entitled "Crunk Rock," which is the follow up to his 2004 album, "Crunk Juice." Lil Jon says "Crunk Rock" will have a total of 20 tracks, about half of which are still being completed. "This album has all the Lil Jons you've ever heard," the rapper/producer tells, but with appearances from R. Kelly, Soulja Boy Tell 'Em, 3OH!3, Ying Yang Twins, Whole Wheat Bread, and David Guetta, it is obvious that Lil Jon is trying to hit the different markets that are gaining popularity that he hasn't quite touched on yet. This is different from his previous campaigns because he is letting people know that there will be a new side of him on this album. Doing interviews with notable publications is going to create a buzz around his new style on the album which will spark people's curiosity. The music landscape has changed exponentially in the last 5 years, and I believe that will affect his marketing campaign positively because he is now producing and marketing what is extremely popular now days. I'm not necessarily a fan of Lil Jon, but with him marketing to the electro-pop bandwagon that seems to be taking over lately, I'm sure there will be one or two tracks that will inadvertently make my (and yours) head "bounce."

-Woody Ellis

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