Sunday, September 20, 2009

Get paid to download albums

Now days everyone is looking for ways to make their music more affordable for the consumer. Lets just take a min to think about what if we was paid to download albums. This idea could work for the more established artist who are mostly interested and people hearing their music rather then just becoming rich. I'm talking about big name artist such as Jay-Z, Lady GaGa etc. This is something new, and eye catching. To explain more, lets say that you were awarded a dollar for downloading a album with only 500,000 available to receive a dollar off of. The promotion would only be available for one week with only 100,000 copies being giving away a day between afternoon and evening hours. After the 100,000 copies are out you would have to pay regular price instead of receiving a dollar. Some may be thinking that the artist would be out of 500,000 dollars. Here is the good part similar to Radiohead the MAJOR artist would set up a website where the album could be downloaded for the first week of sales. Now due to the popularity it would be great anticipation build up around this idea of getting paid a dollar to download a album. Many Businesses would take notice of this and would flock to buy advertising space on the website. Some may even want to sponsor the promotion and put the 500,000 dollars up themselves and exchange for an free subscription to their service which will get the consumer's information from whoever downloads the album. The idea of an artist doing this is risky but for the right artist this can work. It would put the spotlight on the artist and the profit from the advertising space sold on the website could make up and possibly exceed the 500,000 giving away. And since it will be digital that cuts out the distribution cost up front. Of course this is just a thought but what do you guys think?

Trevion Martin

Here is a link from Radiohead that is similer to my post execpt you could pay however much you wanted for their album.


  1. interesting idea, but i dont see this ever being allowed. i dont think there is any artist in the music industry who is willing to risk half a million dollars just to get their music out there. and those capable of dropping that much money dont need that big of an incentive to listen to their music.


  2. initially I thought the same as Laurel but the site would be generating tons of traffic. I'm not familiar with advertising costs on this level but I don't think that its absurd to think the site could generate at least as much as it spends for a week. I would be very interested to see if anybody attempts this idea.
    Steve Smith