Sunday, September 13, 2009

OurStage & MTV Join For Emerging Artist Program

MTV has partnered with to help expose new artists. is a platform for new artists to gain exposure through competitions. Fans online are the actual ones doing the voting, pitting song against song, to see whose work will rise to the top. This partnership brings new excitement and hope for 90,000 artists in the OurStage community. This brings new venues and opportunities for these up and coming artists. OurStage has already tapped into mtvU Six Flags VMA Tour and the MTV Video Music Awards this summer. They now have worked out online co-promotions and now MTV has new music to include on TV, which gives much needed exposure for the OurStage community. This partnership works extremely well for both parties. OurStage broadens their platforms and increases their power of exposure. MTV gets a jump on fresh music where artists are ranked by the fans which helps to keep MTV more relevant and just simply adds to their arsenal.

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  1. AOL's Ourstage has deleted the WinterBand fan page on behalf of a handful of people who didn't like what we teach and filed frivolous "complaints"

    Details and documentation are available at:


    What has happened is outrageous religious censorship and discrimination.
    Whether you love us or hate us consider the precedent that this situation establishes.

    This is not about religion, but about the corruption at Ourstage. If they lied about us can you trust them about the voting?

    If anyone you know is investing time and effort building a presence and network of connections on Ourstage you owe it to them to make them aware of what is going on.

    Bro Steve Winter