Sunday, September 27, 2009

"I Ain’t Gonna Cry Tonight: Streisand at the Vanguard"

Two weeks ago I blogged about Jay-Z and the surprise concert he put on to help promote his latest album.  I discussed the impact it had on the marketing, and how strategies like that can be very beneficial if it is put together the right way.  This article relates to Jay-Z because like his strategy, music legend Barbara Streisand did the same thing. "Seventy-four fans have won free tickets as part of a promotion for Ms. Streisand’s new album, “Love Is the Answer” (Columbia), which comes out on Tuesday."  This article was short, but it makes a very interesting point. 

"World leaders spoke at the United Nations; movers and shakers from politics and entertainment discussed weighty topics at the Clinton Global Initiative summitU2 broke Pope John Paul II’s attendance record at Giants Stadium. But perhaps the most coveted ticket in town is for a downtown basement that probably wouldn’t fit half of U2’s road crew: Barbra Streisand is singing tonight at the Village Vanguard"

Just by making a comparison between Streisand's concert and the United Nations shows the impact that music marketing/promotion can have over a community.  Granted that may be disappointing to some people who don't even think a concert and world speakers should be thrown together into one category, but the bottom line is that they are.  There are many people who surround their lives around music and devote their time and energy to things like concerts instead of the news and politics. I am not one to say if that is right or wrong, its just a fact. 

The concert was for only 74 people, and yet there was a still a line the day of the concert in hopes for a chance to watch the show, even though the extra tickets didn't even exist. If your promotional concert can take away the attention from the United Nations and create a mob of people outside the show who know they don't have a chance of getting in, you've gotta be doing something right.

--Lyndsie Klott

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