Friday, November 13, 2009

Youtube gets social savvy.

The folks over at youtube, have added new socialization tools to their website. Even though Youtube is the worlds largest video sharing community, the website has apparently decided to stay relevant with web 2.0's massive social networking trend becomes even more in depth. Details and traffic figures are a bit scarce as of now but the article I read on it offered some interesting data..
- Over One Million users are now using youtubes autoshare options that allows users to seamlessly share their favorite videos on google reader, facebook, and twitter.

-With every auto shared tweet, YouTube is gaining on average 7 new users.

-YouTube now has a friend suggestion feature, based on the users Gmail address book.

I think that this is a great endeavor for YouTube to pursue. It is no secret that the website has had a bit of trouble finding a way to become profitable, and I've always thought that the lack of "personality" on YouTube has hindered it in the past. For instance, I don't know of any underground band that's Internet presence relies solely on YouTube; while most of the have an account and videos on YouTube, often times they use YouTube as a way to embed these videos on their other websites. Most bands have much less traffic and user activity on YouTube than they do elsewhere.
This could be a good thing for YouTube, and if they continue to improve, upgrade, and develop new ways to stay "social" on their platform alone, the situation I described above may start to change.
-Eric Hart

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